Saturday, August 21, 2004

I can't believe I bought butter

I have this problem with butter. I adore it. Completely adore it. I think it's a genetic thing, my dad's just the same (to my mum's despair). If it's there, I have to have it. I will use up half a loaf of bread as a butter delivery device. I will boil up a big pan of spuds and serve with loads of butter. I will melt it and smother popcorn with it. I will even cut bits off and just eat it. I therefore try not to have butter in the house. But yesterday I was planning omlettes for tea, so I bought some (you really can't make omlettes with anything else). I told myself I'll put it in the freezer, then it won't tempt me. yeah right. Frozen butter melts just fine for all the above listed applications. Not that I have used it for all of them. Yet.

Other (better) news: I've kept to my plan to do active things with O. Yesterday took him and his friend B swimming (not so active for me, although I did burn a few cals playing Sea Monster to their SpiderBrother and SpiderSister). Today we went on the trailer bike to a park, which got me my 30 mins exercise too.

OK, I'm off to throw that butter out now.

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