Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Clazz-pedo

Went swimming tonight. The pool was at its full 50 m (usually it's split into 2 25m pools, 1 for splashing and 1 for swimming). Did 16 lengths (800 metres, about half a mile) - not bad for first time swimming for ages.

Note to girls in teeny bikinis and trendy tankinis who roll their eyes at each other as I walk past them in the changing rooms: I do know that I look like a blimp in my swimming cozzie with my purple latex swimhat on. Please note however that I can swim 50m without needing to stop and cling on to the side, I do not risk spinal injury by swimming with my head up to keep my hair dry, forgetting to bring my waterproof mascara to the pool is not a major disaster for me, and basically, I may be round and wobbly but I can swim further and faster than you so feck off.

There, I feel much better for getting that out of my system.

At the risk of being all Bridget Jones (blimey did I not like that book), here goes with a trial at doing a 'daily review' type thing:
daily review
food: moderately bad. White bread toast this morning, pizza for tea (it had spinach on tho, that must help? and we had it with runner beans from our balcony). Also had two half mars bars (1 shared with R while reading paper, 1 shared with R on return from pool) ie 1 whole mars bar boo.
fruit: 3 pieces (banana, apple, melon)(v.g.)
exercise: swimming hurrah
water: 1.5 l + (v.g.)
booze: 0.5 glass white wine (would've been a whole one but I just spilt it over the keyboard oops)

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Jude said...

clazza loves Bridget Jones and she admits it hahahahahahhahaahaha etc. it's her fave book ever. ever. etc.