Monday, August 23, 2004

Israel/Palestine - the solution?

The BBC reports on the Arab Pop Idol finale.
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Ayman [Ayman al-Aathar, 2nd right, Libyan finalist] is said to have received Colonel Gaddafi's backing - though the Libyan leader reportedly queried if Arab youth should be distracted from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in this way.

The world would a better place if more youth - Arab, Jewish, Christian, whatever - were distracted from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by pop music, fancy clothes, bright lights and sparkly things. The sooner we settle international conflicts with Pop Idol sing-offs rather than guns, the better.

In the mean time, I must try and hear what these Arab Pop Idols sound like. Belly dancing has led me down new musical paths, including that of Arabic pop. I wonder if the Arab Pop Idol types do Arabic or Western style pop? I've tried reading the offish site but it's all in Arabic.

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Highlander said...

Nice blog 1 :) Please vote for Ayman he sings so well !