Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Working in New Money

I am one of those people who is in a very British muddle about weights and measures. I know the metric system, and I use it for some things, particularly smaller measurements I do in centimetres and grams and such (I've just bought some metric weights for my cooking scales, Nigel will be proud). But I still do height and weight for humans in feet and inches and stones and pounds. The metric figures don't mean anything to me, I have no idea what 100 kg is, and whether it's good or bad? However, in furtherance of my scientific education, I am trying to drag myself into the Century of the Fruitbat and start using these new fangled foreign SI Units. Actually I love that there is a Convention of the Meter and that there is, in a vault in France, the Kilogram. I wonder if there is a job of official Keeper of the Kilogram?

Anyways, I still measure myself in old money but now I'm (or rather google is) converting my stats into kilograms. Tho I doubt I will ever become reconciled with the joule (even if James Joule himself did come from Salford) - they'll always be calories to me.


Shauny said...

james joule? is that really his name? sounds like an outlaw. that is so cool.

good luck with your maths there. it's hard to get your head around a new system. i've had to learn about the stones and pounds. they're kinda cool coz it sounds better for your self esteem to say you lost 2 pounds rather than 0.8kg (or whatever)... hehe

Stephen said...

We made the kilogramme prototype, you know... (buffs fingernails). We've still got a spare bit leftover - it's not easy to unalloy Platinum/Iridium mixtures economically (and I've actually held it).

clarrie said...

ooh cor I'm deeply and irrationally impressed that you've held The kilogram. woo.

Jude said...

I don't even understand Mr Stephens comment there :dur: