Tuesday, August 24, 2004

mmmm curry ...

... no I didn't have one. It was hard not to, though. Having failed to find the bottled hot peppers I need for this salad in Asda, and it being a nice evening for a bike ride, I pootled down to Rusholme. The aromas coming from 50 plus curry houses are hard to resist, but resist I did, calling only at Fine Foods Super Store.

Fine Foods is one of the most interesting shops in Manchester. They sell all sorts of South Asian and near/middle/far Eastern products and produce. I have no idea what half the stuff in there is, the labels are all in foreign. Because of the range of stuff they stock, they get a diverse range of customers in too, particularly on Saturday mornings when the overseas students go in to do their week's shopping. We go there quite often for stuff like harissa paste and pickled lemons, and also stuff that you can get in Asda but it's cheaper/better at Fine Foods eg pulses, couscous, olives, mangoes and fresh herbs. They sell huge bunches of fresh flat-leaf parsley and fresh coriander for the price of those little plastic packs in supermarkets. Oh and they also sell loose pistachio nuts, a scoop or 2 may have got bought somehow.

Cycled back home in time to admire the marine fauna of DietGirl's homeland. We watched all of Wild Down Under first time round but avidly watching the repeats, too - it's stunning.

ooh pretty fishes

awww a sea cow

wow a sea dragon

Daily Review
food ~ OK (apart from the pistachios); fruit ~ 2 pieces so far(banana, pineapple)- planning an apple before bed; exercise ~ 30 mins cycling; water ~ 0.50l+; booze ~ 2 glasses red wine (so far)


Jude said...

aww your diary is just like your hated Bridget's but without the cigs today hee. :D

Jude said...

bottled hot peppers????????

clarrie said...

yesh bottled hot peppers