Friday, August 20, 2004

The moment of truth

Weigh in day today and I lost 2lb this week whoooo. In terms of my plan: this week has mostly be on track. I exercised on 4 days out of 7 (1 short of target) including 1 time on the belly dance vid; drank my water every day except yesterday; had 1 pack of crisps (ok so that's bad but at least it was just 1 normal size packet not a family size bag a day, so that's progress); no sugary drinks; and done pretty well at talking to myself about what's going on before dashing to the Asda snack aisle.

Yesterday was good, mostly. We had lunch in our local cafe, I had delicious chickpea (with parsley and mint) soup, it was gorgeous. Then off to the cinema for Shrek 2 (carrying large shoulder bag filled with home-popped popcorn and cans of diet ginger beer). Me and mum loved it, it was really funny. But O, tho he did like it, wasn't so taken with it as with, say, Finding Nemo or Toy Story. Mr Steve was right, it is much more entertaining for adults than for small people. That said, if I had a daughter I would definitely want her to see both Shrek films often. I love that it's about a princess who is happy to be an ogre (and not a very svelte one, at that), and doesn't want her Prince Charming.

Bichon notes for Jude: The bichon puppy was desperately cute. And had a bigger role than I expected, she pops up on screen a few times in the film. Although natch the cat has a much bigger role and gets to speak, too - the bichon just hangs around looking sweet. I've looked and looked for a pic but no joy.

For tea we had chilled red pepper and lime soup, which is delicious and now I look at the recipe, seems to be quite diet friendly too (you can find the recipe over at the AS3 virtual cookbook), with a couple of salads and some walnut bread from the French market in town, and fruit salad for pud. So, tho I probably ate more than normal, it was 'good' food not rubbish hurrah.


Jude said...

congrats claz 2 pounds is a lot and a whole one pound more than your weekly target :D

i used to eat big crisps the shame don't anymore woo hoo well done me

Fatgirlthin said...

Clazza, are you Aussie or Brit? Sometimes I have no idea what you're talking about. hehe ;)

I don't know what crisps are... or Asda.

Congrats on meeting your goal and you are making me want to see Shrek, too!

clarrie said...

Hi FGT, I'm a Brit :) Asda = Walmart (in fact, Walmart owns Asda now) and crisps = chips. And for us, chips = fries. Confused? me too

clarrie said...

oh and chickpeas = garbanzo beans
and yes, go see Shrek 2, it's great

Stephen said...

Shite, better start blogging if you are gonna link me....

FGT - go see Shrek 2, it really is aces. Can't wait for the DVD.

Claz, 2 pounds off rocks. Me? I've just mortgaged meself to the gym for another year, must get back down to not-wobbly-person... (loooks round at curry debris guiltily)