Thursday, August 05, 2004

so far I have been to the Bike Shop 5 times in 4 days this week.
Monday - need to replace O's bike helmet, after his old one was eaten by grandad's dog
Tuesday - trailer bike arrives, I break valve pumping up tyre (stupid woods valve grrr), emergency trip to buy new inner tube
Wednesday - went to park on trailer bike woo! call in to bike shop on way back from park to sort out lights for trailer bike and my bike (I had to remove my rack to fit the trailer on, and I used to fit rear light to rack).
Today - yesterdays 5 mile round trip to park made me realise just how knackered my back wheel was, so went to shop for replacement. Got home with new wheel (and new tyre too). Tried to fit inner tube, discovered the hole on new wheel too small for my type of valve. Back to bike shop. Get back home again and remember I forgot to get small but vital thingy for brakes. Can't face going back to shop again, email R and ask him to go instead on his way home.

No I haven't weighed myself yet.

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