Thursday, September 23, 2004

Back to Normal

Back home after my mini-break. It was a nice break, even tho I had to work while I was there. It was so lovely to meet up with Trin and have nice long chats with her. Abby and Danz are lovely, and so are her cats (except when they bite your toes in the middle of the night).

I did eat lots of 'bad' things and drank lotsa booze, and didn't do any exercise. I know the scales will be up on Friday. But I don't mind (too much). It was a break and I needed a break and some fun more than I needed to stick to my healthy eating programme for a few days. What I have to do now is remind myself that was the exception, not the rule, and get back to on track with normal eating and exercise regime. Made a start by going to aquarobics last night, and will start food logging again today.

Other news: in the 3 days I was away, O has learnt to read! He can recognise all the words in his 'my first reading book' book from school. "I can help" "We can help". Gosh. He knew his alphabet and his letter sounds before, could recognise his own name and signs like 'Post Office' and was thoroughly drilled in Jolly Phonics in nursery. But still, I'm amazed and impressed (with him and with school) that he can read words less than 2 weeks into starting Big School.


Jude said...

He's obv a genius.

clarrie said...

takes after his mummy, natch