Friday, September 24, 2004

Super Star

O got reception class Star of the Week award at school today, for always listening to the teachers, being helpful and getting on with his work. Spot the proud mum.

I told him that as Star of the Week, he could choose what we had for tea and offered to make his favourite lasagne. But he chose salad, with fruit salad for pudding. Oh and ice-cream with the fruit, just in case anyone was thinking he was Peter Perfect the Perfect Child. So that's what we had, salad (with some cheese) then fruit salad. And yes I had ice-cream which is Bad, but I still end the day in a much better way than I started it. Thanks to Star of the Week.

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Jude said...

Well done Claz Jnr :D Ice cream not bad ww online always recommending a scoop to me.