Friday, September 24, 2004

Restless Legs

I read this article in the Gruaniad earlier this week, and it reminded me to blog about this. About 6 months ago I was having a lot of trouble sleeping. Not the usual kind of sleep problems I've had with my depression, but a whole new problem. I would be feeling really tired and wanting to sleep, but my legs were wide awake and feeling all kind of 'buzzy', and often I had to get up instead of keep lying there tossing and turning and twitching.

It seems to come and go, so it happens for 3 or 4 nights in a row (leaving me completely knackered) and then not for a while. It's very weird and uncomfortable when it does happen. Very annoyingly, it has come on during a time in my life when I'm doing healthy things - stopped smoking, eating better, drinking plenty of water and not much booze, regular exercise. Not fair! I tried cutting my caffeine intake right down (no coffee after lunch, no tea after 6 pm) but it made no difference.

So I went to see the doctor "I can't sleep, my legs are all restless". "Aha!" says Dr "you have Restless Legs Syndrome." Oh. Ok. Can't find a reason for it happening to me (it's a possible side effect of anti-depressants but I've been on these particular ones for a while and it hasn't caused any problems before, so we don't think it's that). I've got some pills to take when it does come on.

It sounds like a minor problem but when your legs feel weird as feck and you haven't slept for 3 nights running, it's not so minor.

Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation

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joe t. said...

I've gotten suggestions for Shao Yao Gancao Tang in granules, 3 scoops 3x/day. The alternative, magnesium glycinate / magnesium citrate (minimum dose, suggested liquid CalMag). Also read somewhere that nitrates make it worse, and tonic water might help. haven't confirmed. Staying hydrated at night mute symptoms.

I *have* tried the Hyland's Restfull Legs, OTC homeopathy remedy, and have to say it works ~remarkably~ well, reasonably quick too. Awesome. Plus you only need to take it as symptoms arise --no changing your body chemistry as with the Rx meds. Personally, I'm not interested in the new Rx meds, you have to take daily for them to work.