Friday, September 03, 2004

Neither up nor down

Weigh-in this morning, and I have lost 0. Also gained 0. Which is not bad considering I lost it for a while earlier in the week. I was off-plan for a few days there but I think I'm back on the wagon now.

Some lessons learnt:
  • watch the treats! ice-cream one day is OK but not ice-cream one day followed by chocolate desert the next followed by ... you get the idea
  • I need to keep working on the 'comfort eating' urges and find other ways to deal with the negative feelings that drive me to fat'n'carbs
  • Keep on doing exercise, even when I don't feel good or have blown my eating plan sky high. I usually enjoy it, and at least I'm doing myself some good
  • Just because I lose it for a while, doesn't mean I can't pick myself up, dust myself off and keep on doing the right thing most of the time

R is back home hurrah (and says my face looks 'a little slimmer maybe' [1]), it's nearly the weekend, I feel fine, so things are looking up. But that I keep on thinking of the children held hostage in Russia, and what it must be like for their parents. There are now reports that a battle has erupted. Can only hope for them all.

[1] he is pathologically honest and cannot do those 'little white lies' we girlies like to hear

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