Monday, September 06, 2004

Monday Log

The food logging is here to stay, for the time being at least. It seems to really help me stay focused - for example, yesterday after swimming we went to the paper shop. I wanted crisps. Yes I did want them want them want them. Then I thought about having to come home and post that I'd had crisps. Decided it was only worth it for the best crisps in the world. Which I thought that newsagent sold heh. Turns out they don't boo. But rather than settle for inferior potato products, I bought that cocktail of obscure ingredients that is snack-a-jacks. Half the taste but half the calories. It is probably A Good Thing that the best crisps in the world are not as ubiquitous as Walkers.

    Breakfast: banana, grapes

    Lunch: eggs florentine, 3 spoons of O's ice-cream sundae

    Afternoon snack: dates, brazils, almonds

    Dinner: pasta with tomato sauce, veggie sausages and a little cheese, soya chocolate pudding & banana

    Evening snack: more dates & nuts

    Drinks: 2 mug coffee (no milk); 2 mug tea (s-s milk); 1 x 750 ml water; 1 turkish delight flavour options

Daily Review
food ~ hmm, bit treat-heavy and must watch out for eating too many dates; fruit ~ 3 pieces (2 banana, grapes); exercise ~ swimming with O + belly dance video; water ~ 0.75 l; booze ~ 0

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Jude said...

I knew that was gonna be seabrook *drools*