Saturday, September 11, 2004

Saturday Log


    Breakfast: asda shreddies w. s-s milk, banana

    Lunch: spicy lentil & tomato soup, w/meal bread, banana

    Afternoon snack: pkt hula-hoops badness

    Tea: Special Fried Rice (rice w. vegetables & eggs)

    Evening snack/bingette: 2 bowls shreddies

    Drinks: 2 mug coffee (no milk), 1 x 750 ml water; 1 mug tea (w. s-s milk); 1 options


    Walking - ?? mins (1 mile) & ?? mins (0.5 mile), at small child pace (with frequent stops to commune with slugs, beetles, etc); 4.69 miles walked in total today; 'swimming' with 0

Daily Review
food ~ OK-ish but not brilliant - crisps and mini-binge on cereal - felt hungry all day; fruit ~ 2 banana; exercise ~ walking & swimmming with O; water ~ 0.75 l; booze ~ 0

1 comment:

Trinity said...

stamp on the slugs, you'll lose a few more calories esp if its vigorous