Saturday, September 04, 2004

Saturday Log

Here we go again.

    Breakfast: asda shreddies w. s-s milk

    Mid-morning while reading the paper: half a mars bar (cut into cubes to make it last longer :angel:)

    Lunch: chickpea & feta salad with cucumber in pitta bread, banana

    Tea: Pasta with tomato sauce, veggie sausage & a little cheese, banana & grapes with ice-cream

    Evening snack: pitta bread with peanut butter & cucumber

    Drinks: 2 mugs coffee (no milk), 3 x 750ml water, 2 mug tea (with s-s milk), 1 glass red wine

Today I shall be mostly installing SP2. I've been putting it off (and ignoring the nagging the automatic update thingy is giving me about it) because I've read stuff about problems and conflicts and glitches with it. But Jack says I probably should get it.

Daily Review
food ~ ok (tho need to watch out for evening snack attacks); fruit ~ 2 pieces (1.5 banana, some grapes); exercise ~ 0; water ~ 2.5 l; booze ~ 1 glass red wine


Stephen said...

We haven't had any real issues with it, and have installed it on all our XP machines. You may need to adjust the security centre, because it can conflict with existing firewalls and AV.

clarrie said...

ta :) hopefully I can do it without having to bug you (much). But lordy it's taking a long time, it's been inspecting my system for about half an hour, now it's doing something to my cabinets. Praps it will clean out my kitchen cabinets while it's there?

clarrie said...
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clarrie said...

hurrah tis done. I even found the 'go away and stop bugging me, i've got a firewall and anti-virus' button