Saturday, September 25, 2004

Saturday Log

    Breakfast: shreddies w. s-s milk, banana

    Snack: Fruit & Fibre w. s-s milk

    Lunch: Feta & Melon

    Snack: soz sarnie (granary bread)

    Evening: curry with all bad things (poppadoms, naan bread, pilau rice - tho no lassi and no pudding and not too much booze), 1 bottle beer, 1 glass wine

    walking: morning mile

    cycling: 30 mins or so (emergency trip for extra paper and printer ink); 30 mins (round trip to curry house)

we're going to cycle to the curry house tonight, does that earn me a poppadom?

Daily Review
food ~ ; fruit ~ ; exercise ~ ; water ~ ; booze ~

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