Friday, September 17, 2004

it's all gone horribly wrong

Today I had to leave the safety of my home-office and go into the big bad world of real offices. It was bad and there was Cake. Things didn't get much better when I got home.

Serves me right for tempting fate by mocking the scalegods, over on Yvonne's blog. Scalegod started getting at me this morning. Weigh-in day and no change. No up but no down either. Grrr. Also scalegods in league with the Lady of the TapeMeasure - no cms lost either. So I went and ate cake, came home, ate chips [1] and drank cava. That was so not a good plan. Dur me.

[1] that's chipped potatoes, not potato chips


Jude said...

Wondered where you were. Don't leave home again ok? ;)

Stephen said...

Well, best laid plans, and all that. I fell off the wagon a bit last night, too - and the weekend and Monday don't look too promising. Just keep focused, one bad week and some cake and cava doesn't mean you have to have 3 bars of chocolate to make yourself feel better. (He reminded himself).