Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wednesday Log

At bleedin' last, blogger is letting me publish posts again. And yes I know the code's borkified, this is due to an inept attempt to add blogrolling. I'll fix it later(ish). Right now I have more important things to do ie paint my toe-nails for belly dancing tomorrow. I'm thinking silvery-blue with sparkly bits ...

    Breakfast: fruit & fibre w. s-s milk, banana

    Lunch: chickpea & feta salad w. cucumber in pitta bread, 3 plums

    Snack: dates & nuts

    Tea: spinach & ricotta tortellini w. pesto sauce, chocolate mini-roll

    Evening snack: more mini-rolls eep

    Drinks: 2 mug coffee (no milk); 2 mug tea (w. s-s milk); 2 x 750 ml water; choc-organge options

Daily Review
food ~ bad. bad mini-rolls bad bad bad; fruit ~ 2 (banana, plums); exercise ~ aquarobics + 40 mins walking; water ~ 1.5 l; booze ~ 0


Trinity said...

welcome back. How did O get on?

Trinity said...

are you ok with html?

clarrie said...

O got on, and I quote, 'fine'. Teachers 'fine' friends 'fine' work/play 'fine' skool dinners 'fine'. Yes I'm OK with html just can't be arsed with it right now. (In fact it not even that hard cos being a smartarse I made a copy of my old template before I changed to blog roll hah).

Trinity said...

bet you were teachers pet

Fatgirlthin said...

Clazza, why do you say your food was so bad? Looks like you were very balanced today. And pesto is supposed to be better than any other sauce. You're so hard on yourself!

clarrie said...

FGT, I had 3 chocolate mini-rolls @ 150 cals each :-( I only ate them because they were 'there' - friend brought them round - I couldn't not eat them. That's why I don't usually have 'bad' foods in the house, I can't not eat it.

Trin, yes I was teacher's pet. I was a good gurl right up until I (belatedly) discovered boys 'n' booze.