Thursday, September 02, 2004

Ooooh Betty

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Belly dancing annoyances:

  • people who've been to Turkey on their holidays and bought the fanciest, noisiest coin belts they can find
  • people who drench themselves in a vat of cheap perfume (which then cross-infects me when I have to make a pair with them)
  • tall, lithe Turkish women in tiny tops and short skirts who can shimy and slink in all the right places

OK so the last one's just jealousy talking.

Got v hot and sweating at belly dancing so am now running lovely bath to soak in, featuring Dreamy Candy Bubble Bath Bar. It smells just like Creamola Foam that our granny used to give us when we visit her in Scotland. Memories :sigh:

Daily Review
food ~ ok; fruit ~ 3 pieces (banana, apple, grapes); exercise ~ belly dancing; water ~ 2 l; booze ~ 0


Trinity said...

I promised the girls you'd belly dance for them today...mebbe after large bottle of lambrini? with straw?

clarrie said...

OK I'll be Betty, but we'll need Mr Steve and Mr Paul to be Wilson and Keppel

Trinity said...

what have I told you about that?? tsk

clarrie said...

I know, and the sand gets everywhere