Thursday, September 09, 2004

Thursday Log

    Breakfast: asda shreddies [1], banana, 1 slice wholemeal toast with peanut butter

    Lunch: pitta bread with chickpea & feta salad & cucumber, tangerine, pear (nasty hard pear boo)

    Tea: last of the chickpea etc salad, carrots, peas, potatoes

    Evening snack: apple & s-f peanut butter

    Drinks: 2 mug coffee (no milk), 3 x 750 ml water, 2 x turkish delight options

Daily Review
food ~ ok; fruit ~ 4 (banana, tangerine, pear, apple); exercise ~ belly dancing + 45 mins walking; water ~ 2.25 l; booze ~ 0

My walking challenge has been kick-started by the fact that the pedal fell of my bike, so I have to walk more till I can get it fixed.

[1] for left-pondish readers, shreddies are like Wheat Chex, I think. 'real' shreddies are made by nestle boo.

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