Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The birds and the bees and the cats

O has become rather obsessed lately with when 'our baby' is going to be born [1]. He seems to think all mummies have a baby in their tummies at all times. Suddenly it occurs to him to ask 'do you have to eat the baby?' so I decide to take our 'birds and bees' conversation to the next level, and introduced the egg/seed concept. Next day he asks R "When are you going to give mummy a seed? She has an egg in her tummy, the cats gave it to her". Umm no they didn't, the cats don't actually have anything to do with it "Yes they do! the cats gave mummy the egg, they did they did!" Time to see if they've got Mummy Laid An Egg in the library, I think.

Other news: I have become addicted to options hot chocolate drinks. Yummy chocolatey yumminess for 40 cals woo yes please! Seriously, it does really deal with a chocolate craving. I'm loving belgian choc, turkish delight, choc orange and irish cream flavours (not keen on choc mint but that's a flavour I've never liked much). Great excitement, new 'limited edition' choca mocha flavour sighted in asda this morning. I've just tried it, it's vile. I'm off to make a nice mug of irish cream instead.

[1] correct answer:- 9 months+ after daddy gets a proper job

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