Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday Food Log

Yawn yawn food log again. Yeah but no but right this is my blog and i'll log if I want to so shut up right. This food logging seems to help me keep focussed on what I eat, and I need that at the mo.

    Breakfast: 2 weetabix with s-s milk, banana

    Late morning snack: handful brazil nuts

    Lunch: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices wholemeal toast (with sunflower spread)

    Afternoon snack: apple and peanut butter

    Tea: pizza (home-made by R, sweetcorn & onion topping and not much cheese), nectarine

    Drinks: 1.5 x mug coffee (no milk), 2 x mug tea (with s-s milk), 2 x 750 ml water

Daily Review
food ~ ok; fruit ~ 3 pieces (banana, apple, nectarine); exercise ~ 30 mins walking; water ~ 1.5 l; booze ~ 1 glass red wine


Jude said...

Logging good.

Trinity said...

3 Sep 2004

NOT all Americans are fat – some are obese. And Nicki McRoberts (25 stone) dreams of becoming the fattest of the bunch.
She is taking in 14,000 calories a day in a race against time to reach her ideal weight of 42 stone.

And not only is she married - and still married – but her husband has gone out of his way to reinforce shelving to take the extra food.

Nicki outgrows her wardrobe every month and has so far spent £3,000 on new clothes.

She says: "It's not uncommon for me to get excited if I split my pants or a button pops open.”

And for those around her to run for their lives…

Sarah said...

Why were you trying to communicate in posting this, Trinity?

clarrie said...

I suspect it's 'humour' from i-forget-where

Trinity said...

Sorry. I just couldn't believe it. Mind thinking about it. I watched this very interesting programme where men keep their women as fat as possible in some control thing.
I was just trying to make Clarrie smile and say hey!! you're doing good...better than me. I'm hopeless at dieting. But my diet history has a long history.... bad history and as clarz said to me once. Better fat and sane than slim and commited.
ps all the american I ever met (and they are quite a few) were very slim and health concious.

Sarah said...

Well it's a very sorry and sad story indeed, isn't it? I'd say you're definitely better off than this poor woman, ESPECIALLY if she's saddled with that sort of husband! I think I'd find myself saying a few choice words to the television if I'd viewed that program.

clarrie said...

OK you're not telling me that this is a real story are you? I thought it was one of those (is that what it's called I can't remember arrgh) spoofs. Tell me it's a spoof. Please.

omg I googled and it appears to be for real. aaargh. You're not making me laugh, you're scaring me now!

Sarah said...

It IS awful! That's why I wasn't getting the joke; being a true story, it's not super funny that the woman has such an awful lack of self-worth -- being a joke, it's poking fun at some fictional fat woman, and that's not a real ha ha to me either.

I feel like I have to point out that I really DO have a sense of humor, folks! I'm emit full belly laughs on a regular occasion! This story just didn't tickle my funny bone, that's all; instead, it just made me feel sadness for the women who don't have any awareness of their own value.