Tuesday, September 14, 2004

what she said

Another moment of revalation, when another blogger expresses beautifully what I've been thinking but haven't found the words to say it right. This time, it's Marla @ Someday is Now [1].
You simply cannot lose a significant amount of weight if you hate yourself. ... Losing weight is HARD. ... Because it's so difficult, mentally and physically, you have to love yourself a great deal to believe you're worth the effort, the time, and the cost.

She said alot more than this, it is a wonderful post, go read the rest.

[1] I also love the title of this blog. Too often we talk about 'someday'. Someday I'll stop smoking/lose weight/get fit/write a novel/spend more time with the people I love. We should make 'someday' now.


Jude said...

Pah I have lost 50 pounds and I don't love myself.

Sarah said...

That's alright, Jude. I love you enough for both of us. ;)

Clarrie, wanted to thank you for posting the link to her fabulous blog. I think she's wonderful, and I appreciate your sharing it.