Tuesday, September 21, 2004


safe socks doesn't mean no socks
it just means use your imagination

we talked about all that stuff and about socks, too.

i :heart: stipey toe-socks

The h2g2 guide to the Joy of Socks

right, I'll just have another vodka, then I'm off to email Trin's stalker bwahahahhahahhah :feck off perv:

which reminds me :sings: :quiffs:

I'm a Leningrad Cowgirl,
Raising Cattle on the Steppes
Won't you pour me another Vodka
'Cause I'm drinking to forget

play that funky balalaika, white boy

:spills wodka on keyboard: :goes to bed:


Fatgirlthin said...

Those toe socks have always been a bit scary to me. Multi-colored toes wiggling individually at me. *eep*

Stephen said...

Socks are the Devil's work.

/stops thinking about them