Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tuesday Log


    Breakfast: sausage sandwich, toast w. peanut butter, banana

    Lunch: feta & chickpea salad in pita bread, apple

    Tea: (sounds worse than it was) ~ chips (reduced fat oven chips), fried egg (fried with frylight), sausage (veggie frankfurter), beans; custard (lo-fat sugar-free) and stewed fruit (home made, no added sugar)

    Snack: apple & peanut butter

    Drinks: 1 mug coffee (no milk); 3 x 750 ml water; 2 mug tea (s-s milk); 2 options


    Walking - 25 mins (1 mile);

Daily Review
food ~ umm, ok-ish; fruit ~ 4; exercise ~ walk - wimped out of doing anything else; water ~ 2.25 l; booze ~ 0 (but need medicinal hot whiskey


Stephen said...

Sausage Sandwich? How is that partof a veggie fatfighters diet, then?

clarrie said...

tivall vegetarian frankfurters, 73 cals per sausage, I believe they are also kosher, ner ner ner ner ner

Jude said...

Is that all you had?

clarrie said...

I had 2 veggie doghots (150 cals) in pitta bread (140 cals) total 290 cals. Everyone happy with the contents of my breakfast now? :rollseyes: