Monday, September 06, 2004

Going Swimmingly

So we went swimming this morning. Again. O's friend N came round to play and said he was going later, O was desperate to go with him so I agreed and we went too. Major breakthrough in O's swimming development - he took his feet off the bottom of the pool! Wooo. First time he's ever done that, first real 'swimming' (even if only for a couple of splashes and with arm-bands on). He has some confidence in water now, and will go under water (holds his nose, closes his eyes, ducks under). Not bad for a boy who was scared of the water for quite a long time (despite having been swimming since he was a baby). For him now to be wanting to go swimming, and starting to learn to swim, is great. I bought him a huge ice-cream sundae in the cafe as a reward, while I ate eggs florentine (ok so I should've had soup but ... ). I don't usually use food as a reward, but I so wanted to treat him today.


Stephen said...

Wooo, go O!

Trinity said...

bless him.