Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I go through phases where things in my life are relatively under control. House not too messy, work not too behind, laundry not piling up, etc. When life's going like that, my eating goes good too, mostly. But when life gets like now, things wobble and spin out of control. The house is a mess, work's all to pot, hardly any clean clothes and eating habits a mess. Aaargh. Neither R nor I have had the time to keep on top of things lately. Poor R has been working flat out finishing off his PhD, late nights and early mornings, culminating in him not sleeping at all for 2 nights running. He finally got it all finished and ready to go the printers yesterday , so he got a proper night's sleep at last. With a bit of luck (* touches wood, avoids magpies, crosses fingers, wears lucky socks, waves to that nice Dr Wiseman off the telly *) the printer will get it bound in time for him to hand in tomorrow. Eeep.

in other news: I'd just like to say a quick Drink! Feck! Girls! to Marla


M@rla said...

LOL!!!! Drrrrrink! Drrrrrrink! Feck!

Soon I'll sound like a proper Brit. I already know how to say "wanker." (hint: there's no "r" in "wanker.")

Unfortunately I don't have BBC America. One of the stations is showing My Hero, though, I like that one.

Sarah said...

Ok, so I'm dating myself, but since we're on the topic of the English telly -- I am STILL a big To the Manor Born fan....I LOVE THAT SHOW! Also....what was that one with the B&B....with that guy from Monty Python (not Eric Idle -- another one)...that one used to really crack me up (I watched it every night while making dinner!)

And I'm sure everyone thinks I'm an Anglophile wannabe, but I regularly use the terms, "Good on ya," "wanker," and "eedjut" -- just to amuse myself. I am preparing to incorporate the use of "feck;" thank you very much, Clarrie, for your contributions to my expanding vocabulary. I love your blog!

clarrie said...
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clarrie said...

I'm guessing you mean Fawlty Towers, Sarah.

And I think you both need to add 'arse' to your vocabularies, too.

M@rla said...

Yes, arse is good, I need that too.

Clazzie, do I pronounce the "r"???

Sarah said...

Oh, now, Marla, who DOESN'T need a bit of arse once in a while? Now, I DO use arse, as well as bangers -- don't eat them, just like to refer to them. Bangers and mash. Ok, now I'm thinking. I've been to London like 10 times, and I worked in Ireland for a few months.....but I'm not coming up with anything off the top of my head that's terribly interesting, noteworthy, or new.

And YES!! Fawlty Towers was it! Part of the same genre as To the Manor Born and that one that's about the middle-aged couple's relationship (where they found one another at mid-life and she's salty and he's a bit of curmudgeon and it's apparent that they love one another...but I love these shows!