Wednesday, September 15, 2004

If you're going to invade parliament ...

.... do it with style and for a cause worth fighting for. Abseiling Lesbians Against the Clause [1] yes, 'Real' Countryside Alliance no.

Perhaps the Countryside Alliance should join the unions in campaigning for a higher minimum wage. ... The alliance campaigns to stamp out rural poverty — would its supporters vote for a redistributive tax regime that might go some way towards making good, domestically produced food available to the mass of the population?

In the end, the Conservative Party will be the only beneficiaries of the artificial divide that they seem hell-bent on creating between "townies' and country folk.

read more of Billy Bragg on hunting and rural economies.

[1] I used to have a badge with that on, I'm gutted I lost it. I still have some other 'Stop the Clause' memorablia, tho, as well as my I think I'm heterosexual ... but it might be just a phase badge.

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Jude said...

abseiling lesbians good. horse faced toffs bad.