Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wednesday Log


    Breakfast: banana, shreddies w. s-s milk

    Snack: peanut butter on toast

    Lunch: chickpea & feta salad in pitta bread

    Afternoon snack: crisps

    Tea: toretellini with pesto sauce, melon

    Insomnia induced snack-attack: shreddies w. s-s milk

    Drinks: 2 mug coffee (no milk); 2 x 750 ml water; 2 mug tea (s-s milk); 3 options


    Walking - 25 mins (1 mile) x 2; 0.5 mile; (my pedometer is playing up I think, it says I walked 7 miles today!)

Daily Review
food ~ errr ... kind of lost it with crips and peanut butter on toast - but not too lost; fruit ~ 2; exercise ~ walking, aquarobics; water ~ 1.5 l; booze ~ 0

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