Sunday, September 26, 2004

Sunday Log

I wish I didn't leave things to the last minute and then have to rush at them in a carb-fueled panic.

    Breakfast: shreddies w. f-f milk (all out of any other kind)

    Lunch: big pile of crap

    Snack: biscuits

    Drinks: too much coffee, 1 x 750ml water


    bike: 20 mins bike ride to try and clear head

Daily Review
food ~ ; fruit ~ ; exercise ~ ; water ~ ; booze ~


Jude said...

Details! I need details of pile of crap.

clarrie said...

no. was bad enough fessing up to eating crap at all, never mind itemising it (it did cross my mind to tell fibs tsk). Anyway I know it upsets you if I mention the 'c' word.

Trinity said...


Jude said...

Yes I used to a crisp addict it is one thing I have managed to give up they do upset it.