Thursday, September 16, 2004

big girls can play dressing up, too

When I was out yesterday, I saw a skirt that looked good for dancing in. I've been thinking about getting some kind of outfit to dress up in for belly dancing (no, not that kind of costume). Not that you have to dress up, normal clothes are fine, I just thought it might be fun. And a change from the not particularly exciting, mainly utilitarian, clothes I usually wear. So I bought the skirt. And then, when I was at the market, I fell in love with a red and gold and sparkly scarf, so I bought that, too. Looking forward to wearing them tonight.

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Speaking of the market reminds me to rant about fruit and veg. We mostly buy ours from a stall on the market, but t'other day we'd run out so I bought a punnet of nectarines in the supermarket. They reminded me why we never buy our fruit there. The nectarines were rock hard, and they have managed to stay that way while going off at the same time. Aarrrrgh. Is it any wonder people don't eat much fruit and veg when supermarkets sell us such under-ripe tasteless crap instead of the real stuff.


Snugglia said...

Supermarket fruit is just a disgrace!
One day rock hard next day rotten and rank, so very very annoying when trying to be healthy and eat fresh fruit.

Sarah said...

Those are lovely, Clarrie -- good for you for treating yourself! I'm sorry about those nectarines -- supermarket produce is for shit. Consistently.