Tuesday, September 07, 2004

grrrrr @ ebay

Grrrrrr. I wanna bid on summat on ebay that expires today. I haven't used ebay in so long, I've forgotten my password (curses to making difficult-to-crack passwords for they are also difficult-to-remember). So I go through the ebay 'help me I'm stoopid' questions, ebay says it's sent me an email and all i have to do now is click on the link in the email. NO YOU HAVEN'T SENT ME AN EMAIL. I tried again. STILL NO EMAIL. GRRRRRRRR.

More aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh ggggggggggggrrrrrr. I tried to register again. It says I can't because I'm already registered. YES I KNOW I AM BUT YOU WON'T SEND ME AN EMAIL AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

Yet further grrrrrrrr. Tried to contact ebay customer services using their web based form. It's not working. Feckers.

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