Tuesday, September 21, 2004

normal is as normal does

Still here in the deepest south at Trin's, and she's taking good care of me. Last Friday, she told me she'd got some chocolate pringles in for me coming. My first thought was "yay!cow!yay!cow!" all mixed up together. My next thought was "hang on, shurely shome mishtake. Today is Friday and I'm not getting there till Tuesday and she's bought the treats already? what's the point of that, she'll just have to go out and buy some more on Monday when she eats them as is bound to happen". But no. Two packets choccie pringles all present and correct on Tuesday evening. Weirdos, I thought, that's not normal surely?

But I'm beginning to suspect maybe it is. I think maybe normal people can have 'bad' foods in their cupboards without hearing it always whispering to them and knowing that maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but some day the demons will strike and they'll be shovelling every last scrap of badness into their mouth as quickly as possible.

I have never (so far) had to think of how to explain to my child that the Easter Bunny hasn't come without admitting that I ate all the easter eggs in a chocholat frenzy on a miserable Saturday-before-Easter night, but I completely understand how Victoria Wood found herself in that situation. Likewise the knitting needle/jellybaby incident. I've done equally bizarre, desperate things when the need to eat till it stops hurting hits.

Hello, my name's Clarrie and I'm a compulsive eater.

Other news: Trin forgot to mention how when we started watching Toughest Pubs in Britain 3, they were featuring a pub in Manchester, and she was pleased to remark on that fact. Then the Brizzul pub came on and it was at the end of her road [nelsonmuntz] Haw! Haw! [/nelsonmuntz]. Ah, the joy of schadenfreude.

Other other news: Trin's girls are complete sweeties. Danz has given up her Pink Princess canopy bed for me, and they brought me tea and fruit toast in bed this morning. Ta girls :-) There's lots of pink in this house, it's ace. I wanted to paint our kitchen Barbie Pink but I was over-ruled. I am now plotting a Hot Pink bathroom instead.

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